Jonathan Scott Frakes is a famous American author, actor and a director who was born in the year 1952, 19th August which makes his age 64 years at present. He is known across the world as the actor who played the role of Commander William T. Riker in the television series named Star Trek: The Next Generation and other movies. He also has hosted the television series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction challenging the viewers to find out between fabricated tales and the real stories. In the year 2011, in the month of June, he narrated the show named Lee and Grant in the History Channel. He also was the voice actor for the character David Xanatos in the television series named gargoyles. He is 1.93 meters in height.  His bio includes the following details.

He also has directed and starred in the Star Trek: Insurrection and Star trek: First Contact. He also is the author of a novel named The Abductors: Conspiracy. He has been married to the actress named Genie Francis who has acted in the role of Laura Spencer in the movie name General Hospital in the year 1988.

He was born in the city of Bellefonte in the state of Pennsylvania. His father’s name is James R. Frakes and his mother’s name is Doris. He was brought up in the city of Bethlehem; and he graduated from Bethlehem Liberty High School in the year 1970. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field of Theatre Arts at Penn State University in the early 70s.

His father used to be a critic for the New York Times Book review and a professor of literature at the Lehigh University from the year 1958 till 2001; he died in the early 2002. He has a younger brother whose name is Daniel who died in the year 1997 due to pancreatic cancer.

He first met Francis on the sets of soap opera named Bare essence and for the second time while filming North and South. They started to date in the year 1985 and was got engaged in the year 1986 and married two years later and presently they have two children.

For some time in the 70s, he worked for the marvel comic appearing at the conventions as Captain America. He moved out to New York City and then he became the member of the Impossible Ragtime Theatre and in that company, he did his very first off-Broadway acting in “The Hairy Ape”. He moved out to Los Angeles when his character got removed from the soap opera named The Doctors. He currently works with the Workshop, the waterfall Arts Centre and the Saltwater Film Society, both of which are located at the Maine. He also has voiced Finn the Human’s adult version in some episodes of “Puhoy” and “Dungeon Train”. His net worth is estimated to be around 12 million USD. He does not seem to be an active social sites user since he does not keep his twitter account updated; his most recent tweet was on 5th June 2013.



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