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John Sculley a mllionaire in net worth is the former the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. on 8th April 1983. John Sculley is an American businessman, entrepreneur as well as an investor in high-tech startups. He was named as Silicon Valley’s Top Paid Executive in May 1987 with an annual salary of $2.2 million. He is widely recognized as an expert in marketing.

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    6April 1939

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John Sculley comments on the upcoming movie on Steve Jobs in an interview

“This movie was never intended to be a truthful biopic. It’s a characterization of who Steve Jobs was. The facts and events were purposefully fudged to create an entertaining film. Just have fun. Don't take it too seriously.” says John when it comes to the movie where his role is carried out as a major character by Jeff Daniels. According to Tech Insider, he mentioned in an interview that he enjoyed the movie and sees it as purely entertainment.

John Sculley has an MBA Degree and has authored a number of books.

He is the native of New York City. He was born on 6th April, 1939. His parents are Margaret Blackburn and John Sculley, Jr. He studied at the St. Mark’s School located in Southborough, Massachusetts. After that, he attended Brown University from where he received Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Design. He also earned MBA from Wharton University of Pennsylvania. He has also written a number of books.

Divorced twice, John Sculley, married his third wife at the age of 74.

He has married three times and divorced twice. First, he was married to Ruth Sculley with whom he was married from 1960 till 1965. After that, he married with his second wife Carol Lee Adams with whom he tied his knot in 1978. They remained together till 2011 until they realized the misfit and decided to get divorced. Later, he married for third time with Diane Sculley and the pair exchanged their vows with each other in 2013. He has three children and six grand-children. At present, he is residing in Palm Beach, Florida.

John Sculley, who has a net worth of $20 million, is widely followed on social networks like twitter, Facebook.

He has thousands of followers on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Standing at height of five feet and some inches, he has the net worth of $20 million.

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