John Hagee who is the American founder as well as senior pastor of the Cornerstone Church located in Antonio, Texas, was born on 12th April 1940. He is the native of Goose Creek, Texas, United States. As a child, he was named as John Hagee. He is the son of Reverend William Bythel Hagee and former Vada Mildred Swick. He attended the Trinity University located in San Antonio and from there, he got graduated in the year 1964 with the Bachelor of Science in the History and Education. He was the football scholarship and he appeared on Academic Dean’s list. He also went to study at University of North Texas in Denton and he received the Master’s degree in the Educational Administration in 1966. He then completed his theoretical trainings from Southwestern Assemblies of God University with the Diploma in Theology in Waxahachie, South of Dallas. In addition to that, John received Honorary Doctorate from the Oral Roberst University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1989. He also received another Honorary Doctorate from the Netanya Academic College located in Israel.

After that, John began to serve on Oral Roberst University board of regents from the year 1989. He remained there till January of 2008. John had founded the Church at Castle Hills on Mother’s Day on 11th May 1975. The church was started with twenty five members but within two years, the members were rose and he had to build the new sanctuary seating 1600 people. The church then continued to grow day by day. John then dedicated the 5000 seat sanctuary on 4th October of the year 1987 and named it as Cornerstone Church and his youngest son named Matthew Hagee is a executive pastor of the Corner Church.

Prior to that, John Hagee is also an author. He has written more than thirty best-selling books. His books are titled as The Invasion of Demons, Like a Cleansing Fire, The Beginning of the End, Day of Deception, Final Dawn Over Jerusalem, His Glory Revealed, From Daniel to Doomsday, God’s Two Minute Warning, The Revelation of Truth, The Battle for Jerusalem, Attack on America New York Jerusalem and the role of terrorism in last days, Devils’ Island, Avenger of Blood, The Life Plan Study Bible: god’s key to personal success, Jurasalem Countdown, What Every Man Wants in a Woman/ What every woman wants in a man, In Defense of Israel, Financial Armageddon, Can America Survive?, The Power of The Prophetic Blessing, and Four Blood Moons: something is about to change. In addition to that, he is also the Southern Gospel recording artist. He disclosed to his audiences on telecast of 14th December 2008 that he underwent successful Heart Bypass surgery.

To talk about his personal life, John has married twice and divorced once. At first he was married to Marth Downing. He and Marth have two children together. After getting married for 15 years, they got divorced in 1970s. After a year, later, he got married to his second wife Diana Castro on 12th April of 1976 who is his current wife. Castro was also the member of Trinity Church congregation at time of John’s confession. Later, he resigned from pastoral position at the Trinity. John has three children together with his second wife Castro. His video can be seen in youtube.

Apart from that, he is now at the age of 74. He was the leader of charismatic San Antonio Mega-Church Trinity Church in 1970. He had spoken against the homosexuality but he says that his church is open to everyone. John is the president as well as CEO of the John Hagee Ministries that telecast his National Radio and Television ministry carried in United States on the ten TV networks. He is also the founder and the national chairman of Christian-Zionist Organization Christians United for Israel that was incorporated on 7th February of the year 2006. 


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  • 1940-04-12
  • Senior pastor
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  • $5 Million Dollars(2015)
  • Five Children
  • White
  • Martha Downing(div), Diana Castro
  • Master of Education Administration
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  • Yes(once)


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