Jim Brickman is an infamous American pianist, songwriter, adult contemporary music, who was born in the year 1961, 20th November, which makes him 54 years of age. He also is a host at a radio show. He has been able to earn six Gold and Platinum albums. He also is famous for his pop–style instrumentals and vocal collaborations with various artists. He was nominated twice for the Grammy awards in the category of Best Instrumental for his album “Peace” and Best New Age album “Faith”. He has won the Canadian Country Music Award for his Best Vocal and instrumental Collaboration and Dove Awards as well. His bio includes following details.

He has been hosting a show called “Your Weekend With Jim Brickman” which gets broadcasted throughout the States. He also has released five different PBS specials and has hosted an annual fan cruise. He is a founder of a company which has been providing strategic marketing and electronic commerce for clients in different industry.

He was born and brought up in Shaker Heights which is located at Ohio. He went to the Shaker Heights High School. He was already playing piano when he was five years old. He later studied performance and composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music when he was also taking business classes at Case Western Reserve University. In the year 1980, he founded his personal advertising company named “The Brickman Arrangement" and wrote commercial selling propositions which were unique for various companies like McDonalds, Ohio Lottery etc.

The show named “Your Weekend With Jim Brickman” got debuted in the year 1997; it’s a four hour show which gets aired all over America and features adult contemporary music which is greatly blended with celebrity interviews, lifestyle features and entertainment reports.

He has been a huge supporter of PBS and he has filmed many PBS specials like “My Romance: And Evening with Jim Brickman”, “love Songs And Lullabies”, “The Disney Songbook” and “Beautiful Word”.

He hosted the “Celebration of the 70s” which was a concert which featured David Cassidy, Rita Coolidge, David Pack, Firefall and so on.

His advertising agency has done works for companies like Universal Music, Carly Simon, Michael W. Smith, Anita Renfroe, Casey Kasim, etc.

He composes different types of music and besides his piano compositions and love songs, he has drafted arrangements for existing songs and some albums featuring children’s music. He is sometimes classified in the genre of new-age genre but his diversity in music makes him skeptical about the classification. No information about his personal life and his wife is found in the internet; maybe he wants his personal life to actually be personal. He does not seem to have been married yet. He is equally active on social networking sites like twitter; he has more than 15 thousand followers in his twitter account.  

He along with Anne Cochran who is his the vocalist have rocked many stages in different places and everyone admits that Brickman's proficiency in piano and Cochran's soulful voice is hell of a combination that is able of soothing anyone's heart.



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