Young and beautiful Jessica pare is a very famous Canadian Actress and also a great singer who is born in 5th December 1980 up and is greatly talented and beautiful with great voice and character full of talents. He is one of the famous and gorgeous actress plus singer with kindness and full of heart melting smiles and words. She is a very hardworking person and always helps other. Pare also in her career appeared in the movie Stardom which was in 2000 and also in the famous Lost and Delirious movie and later in the Wicker park film and many more. She is presently working as co star as Megan Draper on the AMC series called Mad Men.

Jessica is originally from Montreal located in Canada and is mostly known for her occupation as a Actress and singer. She is gorgeous and attractive and faithful woman, she is the daughter of Anthony Pare who is the former chair of the education department and can speak two languages in English and French and she is from the Catholic Family and spend her child hood happily.

He is great at what she is and always shows great passion towards her work and has done many outstanding film performance and singing. Jessica is 34 years old (age) and she married Joseph Smith in 2007 and divorced in 2010 and then married John Kastner her boyfriend and is living happily with him.  She has thousands of twitter followers and is extremely hot and her bio description is also shown in imdb and is viewed by thousands of people and followed and liked by thousands of people.  She also has a child and is living happily with her husband even though he had the rough beginning and now is one of the successful women in the industry of the movie and artist with great life height.

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