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Jeremy Kyle who is an English radio as well as television presenter was born on 7th July of the year 1965. He is the native of Reading, Berkshire, England, UK. Kyle is mostly known for being the host of the controversial tabloid talk show “The Jeremy Kyle Show” on the ITV since the year 2005. Jeremy’s father was accountant as well as a personal secretary to Queen Mother. He went to study at the independent Reading Blue Coat School that is located in Sonning, Berkshire. He also attended University of Surrey from where he studied the sociology.

At the beginning of his career, Kyle worked as life insurance salesman, radio advertising salesman and recruitment consultant. After that he became the radio presenter. He then became radio presenter in the Invicta FM in the year 1996. The following year, he was hired by the BRBM located in Birmingham where he presented the shows Jezza’s Jukebox and Later & Live. He then moved to Century FM in 2000. In 2001, he won the Sony Award for Late & Live. Jeremy made his first broadcast on the Virgin Radio on 1st July of 2002. Later he left the Virgin Radio in 2004 after working for a couple of year. He then joined the Capital FM where he began to present the Confessions Show from 5th September. Later, the show came to an end and made a way for the new show The Jeremy Kyle Show that ran from January of 2006 till December of 2006.

Additionally he is has also served as a host of the TV talk show “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. There are a lot of conditions applied for the tickets of the show. For the tickets, we have to eligible and we should apply to be the audience of the show as well as fill up the form providing out full details. He has also been involved with other show Kyle’s Academy which is a ten part series for the ITV daytime and it first aired on 18th June 2007. He also began to present the documentary series “Military riving School” on 19th April of 2011. Since 11th October of 2011, Jeremy is presenting the ITV show High Stakes. He has also been presenting “The Kyle Files” since 8th January of the year 2015. Besides that, he had also made his appearance as himself on the comedy drama of ITV “The Fattest Man in Britain.

Prior to that, Jeremy also writes column for the Pick me Up which is the women’s weekly magazine that is published by IPC. His column is titled as Jeremy Kyle Says and in his column, he adopts a freak style responding to the problems of the readers that closely resembles approach he takes on “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. In addition to that, he has also written book and it is titled as “I’m Only Being Honest” which is about the social problems of the Britain and his views on solving them.

Apart from that, he is now at the age of 49. To talk about his personal life, Jeremy has already got married. He had married twice and divorced once. At first he married to his first wife Kirsty Rowley in the year 1989 in Almondsbury. He also has a daughter together with Kirsty born in June of 1990 and she is named as Harriet. After five months of their child’s birth, they ended their marriage. Kyle is now married with his second wife Carla Germaine. The couple exchanged their vows with each other in 2002. Jeremy and Carla have three children together, two daughters and a son named as Alice, Ava and Henry respectively.

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