Jeffrey Webb is a well known person as he is the president of the CONCACAF and also the Cayman Islands Football Association, he is also the vice president of FIFA. He is born on the 24th of September in the year 1964 and has been doing his job for a long time in fifa or so called soccer. He is a well educated man as he is educated in the Hillsborough Community College in the US and has a great education background. Going in to his personal life and bio information, he is originally from Cayman Island and has just turned age 50. He is presently the residence of George Town in Cayman Islands.

His vocation in football compasses right around three decades. He was selected as President of the Cayman Islands Football Relationship in 1991. CIFA's achievements were under Webb's organization and authority which were generally perceived, and in the year 1994 he was also co-selected as an individual from the CFU Official Advisory group, and individual from FIFA's Convention Board of trustees in 1995. Preceding his arrangement to the CIFA, Webb was served as President of the neighborhood football club Strikers FC.  

Webb additionally was partook of FIFA's designations to the World Glass including France (1998), U.S. Ladies' Reality Container (1999), Korea/Japan (2002), Germany (2006), and South Africa (2010). Webb was a famous Business Advancement Director at Devotion Bank (Cayman) Constrained, an auxiliary of Loyalty Bank & Trust Universal Restricted, which is also included in retail managing an account, venture saving money, corporate fund and resource administration.

On the 27th May 2015, Webb was captured for debasement indictment that is corruption. The arraignment, which named fourteen different people identified with FIFA, included racketeering, wire misrepresentation and tax evasion connivance. He has many twitter followers and is a married man to his wife and seen travelling different places for visit and for business purposes. 


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