Born on 21st May 1960 in New York City, Jeffrey Toobin is a legal analyst and commentator for 56 years of age. His full name is Jeffrey Ross Toobin, and he had his education from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. More details will be discussed in the paragraphs below, so have a look into his short bio compiled from various websites below.

Toobin's mother Marlene Sanders was a CBS News and ABC News correspondent, and his father Jerome Toobin was a broadcasting producer. His mother's family background was from a secular Jewish background and was bold in the sense that she broke down many barriers of the then male-dominated field of broadcasting and anchoring.

Toobin had his schooling from a private college prep school in NYC, named Columbia Grammar School (later Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School). He then went on to study at Harvard College, where he worked for The Harvard Crimson in the sports column named Inner Toobin. When he graduated with a magna cum laude degree from Harvard in 1982, it was with a Bachelor of Arts in classics and the prestigious Truman Scholarship. He then attended Harvard Law School to receive his Juris Doctor degree and graduated again with magna cum laude. At the Law School, he was also the Harvard Law Review's editor.

Toobin's career began as a freelance journalist for The New Republic, and he was still a law student then. He then worked as a law clerk for a federal judge, and then as Lawrence Edward Walsh's (independent counsel) associate counsel. He eventually became an Assistant US Attorney in Brooklyn, but not before he had served Walsh during Oliver North's criminal trial and Iran-Contra affair. This point in Toobin's life has been controversial since he has been accused by Michale Isikoff (a journalist) of stealing important judicial documents from the office of Walsh.

While we may not know what transpired then, but Toobin's book titled “Good Golly, Mr. Ollie: OPENING ARGUMENTS: A Young Lawyer's First Case: United States v. Oliver North, By Jeffrey Toobin” is based on the time when he worked in Walsh's office. Walsh had issues with Toobin publishing this book, and that made Toobin seek justice in the court. The case was later dismissed. After 3 years of work as an Assistant US Attorney, Toobin gave up practicing law. It was then that in 1994 that he started working as a TV legal analyst for ABC, and from 2002 has been working for CNN. He has also written other books like American Heiress and The Run of His Life. He has 79.5 thousand followers on twitter but has no Instagram account.

His wife is Amy Bennett McIntosh, with whom he has been married since 1986 till present. Toobin and Amy had been dating since they met in college back in the 80's. His wife graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School in the 80's. He has two children from her, but there is another aspect to his life as well. Toobin has been in an extra-marital affair with Casey Greenfield, daughter of Jeff Greenfield. Toobin has a child with her as well, and Casey Greenfield holds total custody of the child. The child has been named Roderick, and he was born on March 2009.



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