Jeff Ross, an American stand-up comedian, insult comic, director, actor as well as an author, has earned the estimated net worth of $750 thousand. He is not interested in taking the risk of marriage or divorce nor he is interested in making girlfriends or having any affairs. Ross has made his appearances at the events for U.S. Soldiers and also directed a documentary movie that covers his experiences while he toured U.S. bases in Iraq.

Jeff Ross is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on the TV screen, to whom we have been known as well as seeing daily. Some of the people may have been his fan for a long time as well as they may also want to obtain some more information regarding him. Some of you also may be getting information regarding Ross’ professional and personal life from different gossip pages, newspapers as well as magazines. Ross’ skill is doing high profile celebrity roasts as well as his appearances in Comedy Central’s Roasts have led him to be dubbed The Roastmaster General. Additionally, he has also appeared in various movies, TV and cartoon projects.

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding the personal biography of Ross which has been obtained from various sources. Ross is the native of Springfield New Jersey, United States. He came into this world on 13th September of the year 1965 which has now made him reach the age of 50. Although he is known by the name Jeff Ross, his birth name is Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz. He was raised up in a Jewish family.

He went to study at the Jonathan Dayton High School. When he was just 14 years old, his mother dies because of leukemia. Later after five years, his father also died when he was 19. He also attended the Boston University’s College of Communication. In 2008 interview for student-run BUTV10 program Full Circle, he mentioned that during the college years, he was a director at BU’s WTBU as well as also worked at local NPR affiliate.

Jeff was the first guest on the debut episode of the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast on 1st September 2009. He is also the author of a book that was released on 15th September of the same year which is entitled as I Only Roast the Ones I Love. On 14th August 2012, he debuted on the weekly Comedy Central show of him titled as The Burn with Jeff Ross. Later in 2015, he starred in Comedy Central TV special Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals.

Jeff Ross has been active in this field since 1986 and it is sure that during this long period, he must have won multiple fans and followers in his career. He has more than thousands of followers on the Facebook and Instagram accounts. He is also active on the Twitter page and the link to his page is Besides, more information regarding his personal and professional life can be accessed from different sites.

Prior to that, he is a Democrat. He had visited protesters of Occupy Movement in Los Angeles for supporting their cause and also took the microphone to speak publicly to the crown. Besides, a standup comedian has a huge net worth of $750 thousand. As he is mostly focused on his career, he is not interested in making a girlfriend or being in any kind of relationship.



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