An American politician, political figure, Janet Huckabee is widely known as the wife of a former 2008 and 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate as well as the former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Previously, Janet had served as First Lady of the Arkansas from July of the year 1996 till January of 2007.

 Talking about her politics career, she was the Republican Party nominee in 2002 for the Arkansas Secretary of State in same year her husband was seeking the second tern as a Governor. Janet was then defeated by Democratic Party nominee State Land Commissioner Charlie Daniels.

Her husband, Mike fared better in the re-election and defeated the Democratic opponent State Tresurer Jimmie Lou Fisher. The next year, Janet then earned her undergraduate degree in the organizational management from the John Brown University. For the short period of time, she worked in the management company together with Hawk Brothers construction Company of the Hot Springs until her husband started his 2008 presidential bid.

Moving on to her personal life biography, Janet Huckabee came into this world on 16th July of the year 1955 which has now made her at the age of 60. She is the native of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Although she is known by the name Janet Huckebee, as a child, she was named as Janet McCain. She also has four other siblings. As an infant, she moved to Hope Arkansas along with her family members.

Her parents are Pat Stephens and Angus Bouie McCain. She went to get her education from the Hope High School from where she got graduated in the year 1973. After a year, she got married with her high school sweetheart Mike Huckabee in the month of May. After a couple of years of their marriage, she got diagnosed with the spinal cancer.

After that, Janet faced with possibility of paralysis as well as the inability of having children. She also underwent the surgery as well as six weeks of radiation therapy. Later, she got recovered and now, she also has three children along with her husband, Mike.

Among their three children, two are sons named as John Mark and David and one is a daughter named Sarah. In addition to becoming a First Lady of Arkansas, Janet was also involved with Texarkana, Arkansas Parent Teacher Association even serving the two terms as its president. To get more information about her, she can also be connected through Instagram and Twitter.


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