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A well known Irish actor, musician, model James Dornan born in 1st May 1982  has played many movies. He is well known in social media like twitter, facebook with millions of followers. Dornan was born in County Down – Hollywood (Northern Ireland). He is noticeable with great body and height of  183 cm. He grew up with suburbs of Belfast. Dornan also loved music and he also performed in a folk band unfortunately due to some circumstances the band was disbanded in the end of 2008.

  • Height:

    183 cm

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Though a bad start he then soon appeared in movie by working as a actor in the film Marie Antoinette. He also went modeling which gaved him a spotlight with a desiring height and hot male body. He also appeared in lots of drama and short movie which was a great start after doing some tv commercial such as Calvin Klein. Since Jamie started as model he surely do need to keep his physical and mental health in good condition which he pursued by workout and healthy diet. In the ups and downs of his life he also dated an actress Keira Knightley which eventually finished up as he and his girlfriend broke up with a two year long relationship. Later he married a English actress and a song writer Amelia Warner in the mid 2013.

He usually appeared in the tv show(podcast) where channel usually called him up for his interview(interviw) and some nostalgic moment sharing with his fans live.jamie played about ten movies, three television shows(drama), and won about four awards altogether. He is a great motivation to the people showing had work and self belive with a dream and vision really helps which he applied in his life to get success.Though his life brought his to different profession altogether but didn’t stop it from acheiveing it as Jamie Dornan focused on what he was doing.

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