Jamie Nell Colby, the infamous American News correspondent and an anchor for the Fox News Channel, is also the host for the series named “Strange Inheritance” on the Fox Business Network. She also was a former co-host for the America’s News Headquarters along with Eric Shawn on the Sunday Mornings. She possesses phenomenal measurement of 37-27-37 inches Her bio, info, and stats include the following details.

She has worked for the news agency for about thirteen years now as a National News Correspondent and an anchor. Before she joined the Fox News Channel, she was a correspondent for the CNN and also served as an anchor and reporter to the CBS News which included a fill-in anchor for the CBS “Up to the Minute”. She also was an anchor for the FO News WebMD television. He is also an attorney admitted to practice law in the New York City, California, Florida, and the District of Columbia.

She also has received numerous honors such as Edward R. Murrow National Award in the year 202 because of her coverage of the September 11 attacks; she received Gracie Allen Award for the investigative report in the year 2000 and the Clarion Award from the Association for the Women in Communications. She also was named as the television Week’s “Rising Stars to Watch”. Apart from journalism, she served in the private practice of attorney for 10 whole years. Her law practice began with a Hollywood entertainment firm and assigned her to “The Tonight Show”. At the age of 22,she worked for Johnny Carson at the time of his contract renewal with the NBC along with his divorce.

Since the January of the year 2015, she has served as a host and a reporter for the Fox business show named “Strange Inheritance” which covers quirky or unexpected legacies left behind by friends or family.

She went to the University of Miami’s International School of Business and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting as well as her JD from the University of Miami School of Law when she was 22 years old.

She also has authored the book “Back to Life after a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Pain along with Dr. Marc Wallack who is also her ex-husband and is the chief of Surgery at the Metropolitan Hospital in the New York City. She also can be followed in her twitter and instagram account since she seems to be regularly updated on it. It was reported that her ex-husband was almost 20 years older than her in age. 

Her extraordinary personality is backed by by her body measurements and her beautiful legs; she weighs 59 kgs which is absolutely perfect according to her height. She also has relatively higher net worth. Her achievements and accomplishments is all on her and probably owes no one anything as such because she seems to believe is hard work and preseverance, and its power. 



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