Jamie Dimon nicknamed as 'Mad Dog' is an American business executive. Jamie Dimon is currently the CEO of banking giant JP Morgan Chase. He also served Bank One as the chief executive officer of the company. During his leadership, JPMorgan Chase was in a great position.


Personal and Family Life

James Dimon was born on 13th March 1956 in New York City, US to Themis Dimon and Theodore Dimon. His parental grandfather was a banker in Greek who changed their surname from Papademetriou to Dimon to make it sound a bit of more of French. The financial business and ideas he received were a legacy from his parents as both his father and grandfather were stock brokers at Shearson.

Dimon studied at public school in Queens up to his fifth grade. He then went to Browning School, a private secondary school for boys in New York. Later he attended Tufts University from where he majored in economics and psychology. While studying at Tufts, he also gained a working experience at Shearson. After working as a management expert for two years, he enrolled at Harvard Business School. In 1982, he graduated with a degree in Masters of Business Administration.

Dimon is a happily married man with wife Judith Kent. The couple was familiar with each other from Harvard Business School and today they are living an ecstatic life with their three beautiful daughters. In 2014, he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Career and Professional Life

James Dimon started working for Goldman Sachs during his time in Harvard. After graduation, he turned down the job at Sachs and started working as Sandy Weill’s assistant at American Express. In 1985, when Weill announced his departure from Express, Dimon too followed him to a Commercial Credit, a consumer finance company. He holds the job title of a chief financial officer at the company and turned the company around which resulted in the foundation of Citigroup after banking hulk Citicorp and Travellers Group merged in 1998. Sadly the same year following some internal arguments with Weill, Dimon was fired from the Citigroup, which he revealed in his interviews.

In 2004, when banking giant JP Morgan Chase merged with Chicago based Bank One, Current CEO of Bank One Dimon became an ultimate chief operating officer and president of the joint company. Later in 31st December 2006, Dimon was announced chairman of the board peaking up from his current post as CEO of the Chase. Under his management, Chase was the no.1 credit card provider in America.

In 2008, when world suffered from the great economic crisis, Dimon was steering the gear of his firm to overcome the great recession better than any other bank in the nation. On March 18, 2008, Dimon announced an acquisition of Bear Stearns at a price of $260 million which is considered to be the best deal ever. He also shared a cold relationship with the governor of the Bank of Canada after they exchange heated words on September 26, 2011. In support of Democratic Party, he primarily donated an amount but when former President Obama named Timothy Geithner, president of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dimon to some extent became an anti-democrat.

In December 2016, Dimon joined the team of experts to provide strategic policies on financial issues to President-elect Donald Trump. In March 2013, after closely studying 2012 JPMorgan Chase trading loss, a US Senate report stated that Dimon misguided the investors as losses rose to gigantic $6.2 billion. To contact James Dimon directly, you can email him to his email address @jpmorgan.com


Net Worth and Salary

According to celebrity net worth, Jamie Dimon has a jaw-dropping net worth of $1 billion. The CEO of JP Morgan Chase, James Dimon receives an annual salary of $27.5 million from his current job title. He has been involved in banking activities since the very early age so; it is not shocking at all that he is a successful businessman and a billionaire. When James Dimon was in authority of Bank One, he and his family lived a luxurious life in Chicago mansion. Later he sold the mansion for a staggering price of $6.95 million.




Dimon has made great achievements throughout his career. He made it to the Time’s magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people for frequent years starting 2006. In the All-America executive team survey, he was titled to Institutional Investor’s Best CEO list



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