Jamar Clark was a man who was shot at intersection of James and Plymouth avenues at about 1 am on 15th November of the year 2015. After the shot, protesters have gathered in the Minneapolis. The witnesses have stated that Jamar was already hand cuffed when he was shot by the officer. But the police say that he was not cuffed. After the shot, Clark was then taken to the hospital where he was placed on the life support.

According to the tweet from Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Organization, he died on the night of Monday after he was taken off from the life support. Clark was at the age of 24 when he died. Protesters are calling his death as the murder as well as they is also demanding the involved officer to be identified as well as criminally charged. Clark was trying to get his real life back. He was going to his work every day. He used to work at car wash in the Northeast Minneapolis. His brother Mario told that he used to drop Clark to his work and he was getting his life back.

Clark’s family members said that he was trying to turn his life around and he did not deserve to be killed, despite the past run ins with the law. Jamar was convicted in the year 2010 on an aggravated robbery charge as well as he was also found guilty for making terrorists threats earlier in this year. But, according to the Associated Press reports, he was not sentenced to the prison. After the shot, the protesters gathered at intersection where shooting took place. They then marched to Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct.

According to the protesters, they want are demanding for five things. They want to see the footage from that incident, they want independent investigation, they want media to cover the ye-witness testimony, they want the full community oversight with full disciplinary power and they want the officers to live in communities they serve. Besides that, more news about his bio can also be found in his Instagram and Twitter account. 


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