Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is a renowned American businessman who founded the social networking site 'Twitter'. He comes on the list of America's billionaire. He is also the owner of the 'Square' which is a mobile payments company. It is said that at the age of 15 Jack was able to write dispatch software which is still used by taxicab companies till date. The idea of him creating twitter came as he wanted to make a site which could not only serve for messaging but also another broad reach.  

  • Height:

    1.8 m

  • Date of Birth:

    19 November 1976

Jack Dorsey has a part of Italian descent

Jack Dorsey born on 19 November 1976 is the native of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Jack Dorsey is the son of Marcia and Tom Dorsey who is part of the Italian descent. His father was involved in a company which developed the mass spectrometers whereas his mother was a homemaker.

Jack Dorsey completed his high school from the Catholic High School at the Bishop DuBough High School. He developed an interest in dispatch when he was just fourteen and learned many things including the matter.  Later he made a dispatch logistics which is used by many companies manufacturing taxi cab.  


Jack Dorsey developed the idea of Twitter when he was in his University

Jack Dorsey got his technical education from Missouri University of Science and Technology later got transferred to New York University however he dropped out. Jack at the New York University came up with the idea of Twitter while he was dispatching as a programmer. Later he moved to California.

Jack then began his company in Oakland in the year 2000 for dispatching couriers, taxis as well as emergency services from The Web. Within no time of forming a company Jack in July 2000, he built an idea of Web-based real-time status/short message communication service. Later, Jake being the co-CEO with his friend Stone, Williams and Noah Glass co-founded the Obvious Corporation, Twitter Inc.


Twitter was first the subject of laughter became the most powerful platform later

When twitter was initiated its service it was suffered a lot of mocking. According to, "Late night comedy host Conan O'Brien even featured a segment called 'Twitter Tracker' that mocked users of the service. In its early days, the site also suffered from frequent service outages, But as celebrities and CEOs alike began tweeting, Twitter was no longer the brunt of so many jokes. Suddenly the head of 'microblogging' movement, Twitter became a powerful platform. "

Jake was the main CEO of 'Twitter' later on 16 October 2008 another partner Williams took over a role of CEO making Jack the chairman of the board. After certain years of continuing in the post, he returned to the Twitter on 28 March 2011 as the Executive Chairman as William was replaced by Dick Costolo. Jake resumed the post of Interim CEO as Dick left the company.


Jack Dorsey has built different ideas beyond Twitter

Jack in 2010 developed a small business platform where people were able to accept debit as well as credit card payments on the mobile device known as Square. This software was released in May 2010. On 24th December 2013, Dorsey was announced as the new member of the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company.

He was also interviewed by producer Tom Anderson and the correspondent Lara Logan for the segment of the CBS 60 Minutes called as The Innovator that aired during March of 2013. He also served as the judge for the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s NYC BigApps competition in the year 2011.


Jack Dorsey's net worth counts in billion. Is he married or have a girlfriend?

Jack Dorsey started his earning from being a massage therapist. Before he was a computer geek he loved to attend punk rock concerts and also be in many fantasy football leagues. He still likes to be called a punk "What was amazing to me about the punk scene, which is why I got into it, is because there was this confidence of I'm not going to go off, be shy about learning how to be a musician." Jack Dorsey still has the tattoo on his arm which reminds him of his wonderful days.

Talking about Jake Dorsey's personal life, he is not married and neither have children. He considers Twitter and Square to be his children whom he loves. However, we can spot Jake Dorsey with his on-off girlfriend Kate Greer. According to Heavy, he was also seen with British model and actress Lily Cole.

And yes, Jake Dorsey has the estimated net worth of 1.68 billion USD

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