Jabari R. Dean is a college student at the University of Illinois who has been arrested as well as accused of threatening to kill the white people at University of Chicago in the honor of Laquan McDonald. Jabari, who is now at the age of 21 is alleged to have written in comments section of the World Star HipHop post which he would shoot 16 white male students as well as the staffs, one for each Police bullet that killed 17 years old McDonald in October of the year 2014. Recently, the Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was charged with the first degree murder in that case on 24th November of 2015.

The cops says that Jabari made his threats on 28th November on the World Star HipHop. The WGN reports that all the classes as well as activities for 30th November were cancelled by Chancellor Michael Amirids of University of Chicago. He stated that the school officials and the campus police are working with the Chicago cops and the FBI for investigating the incident as well as keeping students and the staffs safe.

 According to the complaint, a tipster called FBI hotline on 29th November for reporting the online threat of Dean. Investigating agent was then unable to find threat on website but obtained the screenshot from a tipster. The agents then tracked the profile of Dean through a service provider eventually determining his address and identity.

According to the LinkedIn page of Dean, he is currently studying an electrical engineering at University of Illinois at the Chicago. He is a freshman. In addition to studying at the UIC, he was also the student at Chicago State University from where he studied pre-engineering. He has also attended the Hirsch Metropolitan High School located in Chicago and got graduated from there. Besides that, to know more info about his bio, he can also be followed in Instagram and Twitter. 


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