Jonathan Clay “J.J.” Redick is popularly known as American professional basketball player who plays for the team Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. He stands 6’4” in height and weighs 190 pounds. He also was selected 11th overall by the Orlando Magic during the NBA draft in the year 2006. At the of his college years, he used to play for the Duke University. His jersey got retired by the team in Duke in the year 2007, 4th February. He was born in the year 1984, June 24th, currently 31 years of age.

He is known for his good three point and free throw shooting. He even set ACC records at the time of his career for the most point and the most career ACC tournament point. His records eventually got broken by UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough in the year 2009. He also set many records which included most points in a single season and currently is all time leading scorer for his team.

He also was a McDoanld’s All American at the Cave Spring High School situated in the city of Roanoke in the state of Virginia. He also was 2002 McDonald’s All American Most valuable player with an average of 31.2 point backed up with 12.5 rebounds and 1.2 assists.

He scored 73 points as a senior in the Virginia State Championship game where Knights defeated the George Wythe High School of Richmond. He was considered as a five star recruit by the and was listed in the 2nd ranking shooting guard as well 13thplayer of the nation in the year 2002.

His father’s name is Ken Redick and his mother’s name if Jeanie Redick. His father was also a basketball player who played two seasons for the Ohio Wesleyan University. He has older twin sisters whose names are Alyssa and Catie; they also played for Campbell University. His younger brother whose name is David was a tight end for the Marshall University football team until he got injury and decided not to play anymore. Then he moved to Orlando with J.J. before he went back and joined the Virginia Tech. Abby, who is his younger sister plays basketball at Drexel university.

He is born in a Christian family and he has four tattoos of Bible verses; Isaiah 40:31, Joshua 1:9. Pslam 40:1-3, and Philippians 4:13.

He got nicknamed as “J.J.” as a small child because his twin sisters repeated his original name character “J”. His father was the maker of stoneware and pottery which gave him his second name “Clay”.

He graduated from Duke University with a major in history and cultural anthropology. In the year 2006, 13th June, he got arrested by the police and was charged with driving under alcohol influence in the Durham County situated at North Carolina. His alcohol level in his blood was 0.11 while the legal limit in North Carolina is only 0.08.

He got released with a bond of $1,000 shortly after he got arrested; he pleaded guilty and he received a 60 day suspension of license in North Carolina with a fee of $410 excluding court costs and 24 hours of community service. He married his longtime girlfriend Chelsea Kilgore in the year 2010, 26th June and they areliving happily as husband and wife. More of his info can be obtained from twitter and his salary as on 2013 has been recorded as 6.75 million USD.



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