We all people like to get information about multiple popular faces and also celebrities whom we have been seeing on the TV screen or various kinds of books, magazines, and newspapers. Maybe, we have been knowing about their life from the gossip pages and we may also have been their fans for a very long period. They are very important part of our daily life and they also play a huge role in our lives to fill entertainment and excitement. One among them is Ivan Lendl who is a former world Number 1 professional tennis player. In addition to that, he is currently coaching Andy Murray along with Jamie Delgado.

Now let us get more familiar with Lendl’s personal life biography that has been obtained from different sources. Ivan Lendl is the native of Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. He has now reached the age of 56 and he came into this world on 7th March of the year 1960. Both of his parents were top players in Czechoslovakia.

Ivan turned professional in tennis in 1978. He then relocated to the United States in 1981. At first, he lived at the home of his mentor and a friend Wojtek Fibak. He then bought his own residence in 1984 in Greenwich, Connecticut. He applied for as well as also received U.S. Permanent Resident Card in 1987 and he also wanted to get the U.S. citizenship to present the USA in 1988 Olympic Games and in Davis Cup. Later, he became a U.S. citizen on 7th July of 1992.

Talking about his tennis coaching career, Lendl was appointed as coach to Andy Murray on 31st December of 2011. It was announced on 19th March 2014, that Lendl and Murray would be ending their two years coaching partnership. Recently, on 12th June of 2016, it was again announced that Lendl had rejoined the coaching team of Andy Murray. Ivan has now been earning a huge amount of salary and his net worth is calculated to be around $40 million.

Ivan Lendl has been active in this field for years and it is sure that during this long period, he must have won multiple fans and followers in his career. Despite that, it is so important for all celebrity to create a virtual image and also goodwill nowadays days by interaction with the fans on different social medias. He has over millions of the followers on his Facebook and Twitter account. But he does not seem to be active on the Instagram page. He also has a page on Wikipedia and IMDb and we can also follow him on those websites for staying more updated about his stats and personal and professional life.

A talented Lendl stands very tall at a towering height of six feet and two inches, that is, 1.87 m. Lendl is married to his wife named Samantha Frankel with whom he tied his knot on 16th September of 1989 which was just six days after he lost final of US Open to Boris Becker. Additionally, he also has five children, all daughter together with his wife. They have named their daughters as Nikola, Daniela, Carolina, Isabelle, and Marika. 



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