Isha Sesay, a British journalist of Sierra Leonean descent, is currently married to her husband Leif Coorlim with whom she exchanged her vows in 2013. Since then, the pair has been residing together and is very understanding so there is no any chance of them to get divorced. They do not have any children till now. At the age of 40, Sesay has earned the estimated net worth in millions. Originally, she is based at World Headquarters of CNN at Atlanta, Georgia and now, she is based in Los Angeles, California. Previously, she was also the presenter of 360 Bulletin. 

Isha Sesay is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on television screen whom we have known and are seeing daily. Some of us may be her fan since a long time as well as may want to have more information regarding her. Some of us also may be having information regarding Sesay's professional and personal life from different gossip pages, newspapers as well as magazines. Since 2005, Isha has worked as an anchor as well as a correspondent for the CNN International. 

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Sesay's bio which has been obtained from various sources. She is the native of Bordeaux, France. She was born on 6th January of the year 1976 which has now made her reach the age of 40. Although she is known by the name Isha Sesay, her full name is Isha Isatu Sesay. She was born as one among the tree children to her parents. She went to study at private Fourah Bay College School located in Freetown. When she was 16, she returned to the UK for her further study and college. 

After Isha completed her A-Levels, she was then accepted into the Trinity College, Cambridge. There, she studied English. Later, she decided that she would become TV journalist having the work. During the final year of her, Isha started to write to the media groups seeking work. After completing her graduation, she started her TV career as a researcher for BBC talk show called Kilroy. Later, she was hired as a full-time paid the employee. She then joined BBC Scotland and after some period of work behind the camera, she got the first job as TV announcer on the BBC Choice. She then joined Sky in March of 2002.

Isha Sesay has been active since 1998 and it is sure that during this period, she must have won multiple fans and followers in her career. She has more than thousands of followers on the Facebook and Instagram accounts. She is also active on the Twitter page and the link to her page is Besides, more information related to her personal as well as professional life can also be obtained from various sites.

Prior to that, Isha is married to her husband Leif Coorlim with whom she got engaged on 5th January of 2013. Later, the pair made an announcement about their marriage and then finally tied their knot in August of 2013. Till now, they do not have any children and there is no exact information found about her net worth.



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