Isaac Hempstead Wright is a well known English actor; he was born in the year 1999, 9th April and is currently 16 years of age now. He is best known worldwide for his role as Bran Stark in one of the most popular television series till date, Game of Thrones, which is a series adaptation of the book written by George R. R. Martin, which was first published in the year 1996.

He has played the role of Bran Stark as the son of Eddard Stark, the guardian of the North and Caitlyn Stark, wife of Eddard Stark in the series adaptation. He is mostly seen in the episodes along with his servant whose name is “Hodor”. Many viewers think of Bran Stark as a probable candidate for the Iron Throne after the death of his father; but who ultimately gets the ultimate throne is yet to be seen in the series.    

This series earned him a nomination for the Best Young Supporting Actor in a TV Series. At an early age, he has been able to get this level of recognition and he still has much more to achieve. His bio includes the following details.

He was born in the city of Kent which is located at England but he currently lives at broadstairs. Wright honestly did not have any interest in acting at all but he had joined a drama club just avoid playing football on Sunday Morning because of the cold weather outside in the ground.

He began his career in acting when he first acted in commercials and then eventually studied acting at the Kent Youth Theatre in the city of Canterbury. He then made his first debut in the movie named “The Awakening” and then he got his huge break when he played the role of Bran Stark in the hit television series Game of Thrones as mentioned above. He was member of the initial starring cast and remained the same for the second, third, fourth seasons as well. Game of Thrones is probably his milestone in the acting career because the series alone has earned him nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards for the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in the Drama Series during the 18th and 20th Actors Guild Awards. He was seen in the first four seasons of the series but was not seen in the latest season i.e. season 5 of the series.

He also starred in a crime thriller movie named “Closed Circuit” in the year 2013. In the year 2014, in the month of February, Laika announced that he gave the voice of Eggs in the 3D stop motion animated movie of the fantasy and comedy genre “The Boxtrolls”.

He currently lives at England with his family in England and it has been reported that his guy has been saving up his earnings to go to university where he is hoping to get a Ph.D. He is only about 16 years in age so it has not been reported that he is dating with anyone till date. More of his personal info can be found in his twitter account.    



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