A rising international electro pop punk star Ian Erix has already enjoyed some of the great success overseas. He had previously landed in various of the Top 10 Charts in Japan, South Africa, South East Asia and other parts of Europe. He is the native of Long Island which he left for Europe. There, he initially took the job as presenter on PopStop Tour which led him to a role on a reality TV program titled as PopLife. He then made his way through music business in Europe.

From there, he teamed up with Danish song writer Dan Zak and the two of them worked together on For Comformity. He wears wide leg pants and platform sneakers. His hair is multicolored and trademark sunglasses. He had racked up more than 20 million plays online and also landed him on several Top 10 Charts on three continents.

Ian’s music has been featured on the MTV in several of the markets around the world and he will be releasing highly anticipated new album in this year. When Erix is asked about his musical style as well as unique take on the fashion, he says that people tend to have all kind of labels for him but he is just him. He is a mutt and he is all mixed up. He had sang his those words in the song titled as So Scene, So See Through which is an anthematic number of his own 2010 EP that became cult hit and spurred creation in Mutt Army Soldiers.

Besides that, as Ian has maintained his personal life secret, there is no more details found that is related to his bio, family background and other activities. There is also no information found about his age and date of birth. It is also not known whether he is dating anyone or has any affair. Besides that, his songs can be viewed in YouTube and he is also active in various social media such as Instagram and Twitter. 


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