Making money for kids? This may sound awkward but yes, making quick and easy money for kids is not something esoteric now. A kid of about 8-12 can make money by involving in different activities. These activities may involve manual or online job.

He/she can contact a local news agent to ask to deliver newspapers in different household, it is an easy job and one gets paid pretty well. On the other hand, a kid develops a habit of waking up early since he has to deliver the newspapers very early. Washing cars, bikes, mowing lawn, tutoring other kids, selling the artworks, putting up a show at neighborhood are some methods to earn money but these activities may make the kid pretty exhausted. How about an online job? That could be cool when one hears that a kid makes money staying at his home!

He/she can create a website with some features that other people are fond of where they can charge a membership or registration fee, this is just an example. He/she also can open up a youtube Channel and expose the talent but you’ll need your parent’s email address. Upload about the tutorials of very popular games.  Also they can send their articles, poems and any creations to local newspaper through e-mail and there are chances that they’ll get paid for their creation.

Kids can get in touch with child related websites that primarily focuses on enhancing a child’s capacity and talent where they can shoot their creations and get paid for the same. They also can write short stories and e-books, post them in their blog and mark a price for those.

Also, they can sell their photographs taken by themselves to the sites; this strategy may apply to teenagers as well. These activities can be done to make money fast for kids to earn extra money. In the meantime, kid should be aware of the risk they are exposed to, there should be parental guidance in each and everything a kid is watching in internet.


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