Holly Jones is an Indiana woman who has drawn the ire of Internet after whining on the Facebook page of Indianapolis bar that her New Year’s Eve was disrupted by the woman who had the heart attack. She posted on the Facebook page of Kilroy’s Downtown Indy at around 2 a.m. on the day of New Year. The manager had also told that someone dying was more important than us being there making us feel like the business did not matter.

The owner of the bar Chris Burton said in the response to post the woman was not a junkie. The woman was revived at hospital as well as survived too. The post that was made by Holly was then deleted from the Facebook page but the screenshots quickly got spread around the Internet. Later, she also deleted her Facebook page but not before claiming in the second post that she did not write the review on bar page. In addition to that, she also asked her friends for reporting the images of that post so that they would be removed.

Burton also told the Daily Mail police officers had to come into restaurant and then wait by the table of Jones until they paid their bill. He also added that one of the men who were with her gave the extra tip because of her behaviour. Burton as well as the Indianapolis bar has received the praises from Facebook users around the world who have shared the messages of the support as well as pledged to give their business to Kilroy’s Downtown if they are ever in city. Prior to that, according to the Salon’s Facebook page, Holly Jones works at the Serenity Salon located in Indianapolis. she has been working in the salon since November of the year 2015.

Besides that, the family of the woman who had suffered from the heart attack at the restaurant has now started a GoFundMe account for those who wished to help out after reading the story. The salon where Holly works also gave $500 to the family and also encouraged more than 20000 Facebook Users who like its page for following in its footstep and donate at least $1 for helping. As Holly has maintained her profile low, there are no more details found regarding her bio, age and other activities. But, for more info about her, we can also get connected her via her Instagram and Twitter account. 


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