A very smart as well as talented Candy Carson is widely known as the wife of Ben Carson who is a retired neurosurgeon as well as conservative star. Her famed husband, Ben has announced that he will seek Republican nomination for the President of the United States in the year 2016. Candy travels along with her husband often and is in full support of his campaign.

Candy met her future husband, Ben in the year 1971 when they both were attending the Yale University. Later, the couple tied their knot on 6th July of 1975 and then she became Mrs. Carson officially. They have now been married for forty years and till now, they are living their happily with each other. Candy also has three children together with Ben. All of their children are sons who are named as Ben Jr., Rhoeuce and Murray Carson.

Candy gave birth to their first child, Murray Carson on 12th September of the year 1983 in Perth, Western Australia. She then again gave birth to their second child, Ben Jr. who is married to Dr. Merylynn Jayaraman and their youngest child, Rhoeuce is married to Lillianah Shabo.

Candy is a devout evangelical Ehristian and is also the members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church together with her husband. In addition to that, Candy and Ben have also co-founded a fund known as the Carson Scholars Fund which awards $1000 to the 2nd through 11th grade students who showed exceptional academic prowess as well as commitment to their communities. Prior to that, Candy was also opposed to her husband participating in the politics until she became a grand-mother.

Moving on to her personal life biography, although she is known by the name Candy Carson, as a child, she was named as Lacena Rustin. Candy is the daughter of a factory worker as well as a teacher. She was grown up poor in the inner city Detroit with her four siblings.

She earned herself a scholarship for attending the Yale University. In addition to that, Candy is also an accomplished musician. She plays the violin and she has performed at Palm Beach Atlantic University concert in March of the year 2014.

As matter of the fact, Candy is a triple major who took the courses in the music, psychology as well as pre-med. A bio from her husband reports that she holds an M.B.A degree. There is no any detail found about her date of birth and age. Besides that, she can also be connected via Twitter and Instagram account.



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