A woman named Heather Ciccone was found dead inside her car in random driveway in Virginia. According to her family, she received death threats from the female stalker. The police are investigating her death as a homicide. The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Officer told in the press release that she was killed on Sunday.

 Heather was found after a man called the police to inform that there was a car parked in his driveway on the Piney Branch Road. The officers then found the dead body of Heather inside the car where she was died from the gunshot wound. Her family members told to the WTVR-TV that the death of Ciccone was a cold blooded murder.

Heather was a beautiful blonde lady who was at the age of 21. Her mother, Stacy told to the NBC Washington that her daughter said her she was going out for helping a friend whose car had been broken down. She left the home at around 9:30 pm and then she never returned after that.

Later, she was found dead at around 11 pm. There is no any apparent connection between Heather and the driveway where she was found dead. Ciccone had a great, bubbly personality and she had very beautiful smile. According to her sister, she was the sweetest and most caring person.

Prior to that, Heather had been posting on her Facebook page in past weeks about the issues that she was having with another woman. She attended the Chancellor High School located in Fredericksburg. There, she used to play the high school basketball until her 11th grade.

After that, she stopped playing basketball due to her job. Heather used to work as a server at the Red Robin in Fredericksburg. Her sister named Courtney told to the WTVR-TV that she was a great aunt to her niece as well as nephews. More details about her bio can also be obtained from her Twitter and Instagram pages. 


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