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Hayley Okines a girl who was suffering from aging disease progeria was born on 3 December 1997 in United Kingdom.  She is known for Progeria Activism. She died at the age of 17 on 2 April 2015. The average life expectancy for this kind of disease is 13 years she surpassed the doctor prediction by living few more years. She was just two years old when she was discovered progeria which cause her to age 8 times faster than her own age.

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She has published an autobiography named Old Before My Time co-authored by her mother and herself. She has two siblings Louis and Ruby. She has appeared in television at different channels and continents. When she was 13 she was already 102 years old and appeared in French television show Tous Differents. United States Progeria Research funded Okines treatment. After she has been aired serious fundraising programs for Progeria Research was done.

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