Harley Pasternak wiki, bio, age, training

Harley Pasternak is a famous Canadian America Personal Trainer who is born in 6th August 1974 and is also a Motivational Speaker and a famous author in the television host, he is known mostly for his books and also for the famous book he wrote named The Body Reset Diet and the 5 Factors diet with which working with many celebrity clients as a personal trainer he has done really well and is always in the shine rise. He is a great man and mostly known to most of the people as one of the hottest men who are the co hosts of ABC’ daytime talk show named The Revolution.

Talking about his bio he is originally from Toronto located in Ontario in Canada and is the Canadian Nationality and attended the University of Toronto and then went to Western Ontario and most of all he is known and famous for his occupation as a Celebrity Personal Trainer and also the co- host of the Revolution and I famous through the state for his best selling 5 factor diet. And obviously he has a great life style and has graduated from York Mills collegiate institute and he holds a degree of Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and also has a master degree in Physiology and Nutritional science from the University of Toronto.

 His worked was also published in Scientific Journal and medicine and science in sport and exercise in June 2003. He is also certified by the American college of Sports Medicine and that was a great achievement. His age is 40 and I a married man and has tons of twitter followers and has been sharing his training experience and in his book he has tons of tips in which one could have a great physic and great health with better performance and resistance by simple exercise.    

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