Guy Benson

Guy Pelham Benson is an American journalist and a political pundit. Guy Benson is also a contributor for Fox News, political editor of the and a conservative talk radio personality. He has hosted number of radio programs like American Family Radio, The Guy Benson Show, WWRC and many others. He owns a clothing line as well where he sells printed t- shirts.

  • Date of Birth:

    7 march 1985

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Guy Benson has been running various shows

Benson is the native of Saudi Arabia. He is now at age of 31 and he was born on 7th March 1985. Not much about his parents is on the internet. During his tenure at the Northwestern, Benson used to work for the campus radio station WNUR broadcasting sporting events as well as hosting the political talk show. Additionally, he had also reported for NPR station located in South Florida, broadcast the summer baseball games in Cape Cod Baseball League and he has also interned at White House.

He went to Nortwestern University

After completing his graduation with honors in 2007 from Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University, Benson began serving as producer of the Sandy Rios Show. He then worked at local afternoon radio show along with the commentator Sandy Rios on the WYLL-AM before Sandy moved to Washington in July of 2010. From 2008 until 2015, he also hosted his own Sunday Night radio program known as The Guy Benson Show. It was in 2010 when he became the political editor at There, his columns had been published since the month of February 2008.


Guy Benson has a lot of followers on facebook and twitter

Guy Benson has been active in this field since years and it is sure that during this long period, he must have won multiple fans and followers in his career. Despite that, it is so important for all celebrity to create virtual image and also goodwill now-a-days days by interaction with the fans on different social medias. He has over thousands of followers on his Instagram and Facebook account. Additionally, he is also active in Twitter. 


Guy Benson came out as Gay in May of 2015

In May of 2015, Guy came out as a gay by making an announcement in advance of publication that his new book entitled as End of Discussion would include a footnote “Guy here. So, I’m gay.” He had told to an interviewer that gay rights are not something which dominated his attentions or his passions. As Guy Benson is openly gay, we can be sure that he does not have any girlfriend, he’d rather have a boyfriend. But we don’t know who his gay- partner is. Besides, Guy Benson stands at the height of five feet and some inches.

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