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Guus Hiddink is known across the globe as a Dutch football manager who was born in the year 1946 who is also a former football player, currently 59 years of age. He was the head coach for the Dutch National Team upto the year 204 but was later replaced by Louis Van Gaal. He is taken as one of the most experienced and influential manager in his generation and was reported as one of the highest paid soccer coach in the year 2009. His bio includes following details. HE has won European treble along with PSV Eindhoven also by taking South Korea and Netherlands to the historic fourth place in the FIFA World Cup held in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

He also led Australia a different height in the year 2006 and same for the Russia in the Euro Cup 2008. It was the best performance by the Russia after the break up of Soviet Union. He also led the fleet of Chelsea and won the FA cup in the year 2009 against Everton. He has managed countries and clubs like Fenerbahce, Valencia, Real Madrid, Real Betis. South Korea, PSV, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands. He was born in VArsseveid where he started his career as a player in the youth side of Amateur club but eventually turned a professional after he signed for a Dutch club de Graafschap in the year 1967. He and manager de Vissers earned the top league in the Dutch football. Since that day, De Visser scouted number of South American players like Ronaldo, Ro Mario and also former defender for Chelsea Alex.

The role of de Vissers was really very influential in bringing Hiddnik to the Russian National Football Team. Hiddnick was introduced to Abramovich by de Visser. He joined PSV in the year 1970 but after he failed to win a permanent position in the team, he again rejoined De Graafschap after just a year stayed there till 1977. He again rejoined the de Graafschap and again retired after a year. In the yeay 200, in the month of February, he was given a six-month suspended jail sentence and was fined with 45,000 Euros because he was found guilty of evading the land’s tax by a Dutch Court. The lawyers had demanded a ten moth prison for Hiddnik because he was accused of evading 1.4 million euros of Dutch tax by claiming that he was a resident of Belgium starting from the year 2002.

The tax Intelligence offices and Detection service also had claimed that he never spent enough nights in his Belgian House which was stated as his primary address in the legal documents but again, Hiddnik denied this accusation. He is not much of a social network type of person since he does not use twitter,instagram or any other networks, He has a wife and her name is Liesbeth Pinas. There has been a rumor that he will be replacing Jose Mourinho as the new manager for the Chelsea and at the same time, Jose Mourinho got sacked so there is a strong probability that he will be taking Jose’s place as the manager in the club.

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