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Gregg Charles Popovich, who was born on 38th January in the year 1949 (age 66) is a renowned American basketball coach for the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association where he took over as the coach of Spurs in the year 1996. He is also known to be the longest tenured coach for NBA as well as US major sports leagues. Popovich is also known as ‘Coach Pop’ and he is around six feet and 2 inches in height. With the record of most consecutive wins in the history of National Basketball Association; also, third all time for normal season where Pat Riley with 19 was behind and Phil Jackson with 20.

He also has a history of winning 5 NBA championships as a head coach for the Spurs. Popovich is one of the nine coaches to win 1000 NBA games making him one of the greatest coaches of all the time. He was born in the city of East Chicago at Indiana in the month of January in the year 1949. His father is Serbian and his mother is A Croatian. He also started his career as a basketball player while playing Biddy Basketball and when he was on 1960 Gary Biddy Basketball All-Star Team. He went to Merrillville high School and graduated in the year 1970 from the united State Air Forces Academy; he also played basketball for four seasons at academy where he became a leading scorer. He got his bachelor’s degree in Soviet Studies but went to Air Force Intelligence gathering training. At a certain point of time, he had considered to build his career with Central Intelligence Agency. He also served five years for United States Air Force and during those times, he got chance to visit Eastern Europe and Countries of Soviet Union along with the U.S.

Armed Forces Basketball Team. He also got selected as captain for the Armed Forces Team in the year 1972 which had won the Amateur Athletic Union Championship In the year 2008, in the month of April, he returned to U.S. Air Force Academy to receive Academy’s award. Though he had received four titles at the NBA, he said that it was his most meaningful award he ever received till date. In the season 1987-88, he joined Larry Brown working as a lead assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. He was the topmost assistant who was under Larry Brown before the entire staffs which included Ed Manning, Alvin Gentry, and R.C. Buford were fired by Red McCombs for the year 1988-1992.He also moved to golden State Warriors for a short period of time.

This old but energetic man Popovich, served in the post of coaching staff for the National team of the United States in the 2002 FIBA World Championship where he assisted George Karl. United States had won bronze medal in the FIBA 2003. He was appointed as the head coach for the U.S. National Team in the year 2015 where he will be taking over duties from current head coach. His interview was broadcasted in the news and is now available in youtube as well. His has a wife whose name is Erin Popovich. He is one of the highest paid coaches earinig a salary of $11,000,000.

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