Grace Vanderwaal, a singer, songwriter as well as a ukulele player is currently studying at the high school to grab her degree. She has been balancing her education and also professional progress side by side. Vanderwaal has stunned judges on America’s Got Talent when she performed the original song of her entitled as I Don’t Know My Name in 2016.

Grace Vanderwaal is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on television screen whom we have known and are seeing daily. Some of you may also have been her fan for a long time as well as you also may want to gain more information regarding her.

Some of you may be getting the information regarding the professional and personal life of her through various newspapers, gossip pages, as well as magazines. She is widely known for making her appearance on the 11th season of America’s Got Talent.

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Vanderwaal’s bio which has been accessed from various sources. She is the native of Suffern, New York, United States of America. She came into this world on 15th January of the year 2004 which has now made her reach the age of 12.

Her other family members also include her sister named Olivia who is elder than her. At present, she is residing in her hometown along with her parents. According to, her family also shares two dogs together.

Grace had an interest in music from her early age. During her presentation in the show America’s Got Talent, one of the judges John who is 82 years old was fully surprised after seeing her amazing presentation.

According to her and her visiting biography, the reason behind her success and popularity in this age is all because of her supportive parents. She is motivated by her father as well as her mother. Her performance also took great footage on YouTube and she became a great celebrity by her own style of success.

During the audition week 2 of that show that was aired on 7th June 2016, Vanderwaal performed her own original song called I Don’t Know My Name for the judges. In addition to singing, she also played the ukulele while singing.

After her performance was over, Simon Cowell called her as the next Taylor Swift while Howie Mandel gushed that Grace was a living, beautiful, walking miracle. After that, she was immediately sent to live round. Since then, the video of Vanderwaal audition has been viral.

As Venderwaal was born in the month of January, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Vanderwaal has just begun her career and her aim is to be a successful business person in her future. She is a food lover tasting varieties of dishes in free time. She believes that she is born for music and she wants to dedicate most of her time towards it.

Besides that, more information related to her songs can be accessed from different sites. She is also planning to release a new solo album very soon and we hope that she will get great attention and success. There is no exact news found about her height and weight.



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