Gavin McInnes is a famous comedian who is the co-founder of Vice Media. Apart from that, he is a great writer and contributor for various magazines. The other role he is best known for is as the host of The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media. Gavin has also been named as 'the Godfather of the Hipster movement'.  Gavin Mclnnes since his commencement of career he gained a lot of popularity with his talent and his good look and also with his tattoos. 


Gavin McInnes is Scottish descent English man who later moved to Canada

Gavin McInnes is the native of Hitchin, England. He was born on 17 July 1970, age 46. Gavin Miles McInnes was born to Scottish parents. Later when he was four he and his family moved to Canada. Spending his childhood in Canada he got his education from there.

Gavin McInnes went to the Ottawa’s Carleton University from where he received a degree in English in 1992. While he was in his teenage, he portrayed in Ottawa punk band known as Anal Chinook.


Gavin McInnes is also an author apart from being the co-founder of Vice

Gavin McInnes co-founded the Vice in the year 1994. Working as an editor at the Vice later led him to be denoted as the Godfather of hipsterdom and one of the primary architects of hipsterdom. The other ways he has contributed to the Vice is through the articles like The VICE guide to Happiness and The VICE Guide to Picking up Chicks.

Additionally, to his short writing career he has also co-written two Vice books which are titled as Vice Dos and Dont’s: 10 years of VICE Magazine’s Street fashion critiques and The Vice Guide to sex and drugs and rock and roll. Being a popular figure he was even featured in 2003 New York Times Article about the Vice Magazine expressing the political views.


Gavin McInnes owns a marketing agency and serve as a creative director

Gavin McInnes after creating the site Vice build a website called He is also the co-founder of the advertising agency known as Rooster where he is serving as a creative director. In addition to that, McInnes also writes for a web magazine called Taki’s Magazine and he had once written for the Death and Texas, VDARE and The Federalist.

Gavin is very hard working guy with dedication towards his work. It was announced in June 2015 by Anthony Cumia that McInnes would be the host of a show in his network. He has been earning a huge amount of salary and his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.



Gavin McInnes developed faith in God after he entered in fatherhood

A multi-talented actor Gavin has already got married. He is married to his wife Emily Jendrisak who is a Manhattan-based publicist and consultant. The pair tied their knot with each other in 2005 till date they have been living a happy married life.

 In addition to that, he also has three children together with his wife. In 2012, McInnes had stated that after being an atheist most of the life, the fatherhood made him believe in the God and also become a pro-life Roman Catholic.

His trademark is thick beard and mustache. There is no any news found about his height. Besides that, to get more information related to his bio, family background and other activities, he can get connected on Instagram and Twitter



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