A serial killer who is an American citizen Gary Ridgway is widely known as the Green River Killer. Gary was initially convicted of the 48 separate murders as well as he later confessed to nearly twice that number. He had murdered numbers of women as well as girls in Washington State during the 1980s and 1990s.

Most of the victims were alleged to be the prostitutes and the other women in the vulnerable situations including the underage runaways. He strangled the victims usually by his hand but sometimes using the ligatures. After strangling, Gary would dump their dead bodies throughout forested and the overgrown area in the King County often returning to dead bodies to have the sexual intercourse with them.

Standing tall at the height of five feet and ten inches, the Green River Killer, Gary was born on 18th February of the year 1949 which now makes him at the age of 66. He was given the nickname The Green River after the first five victims were found in Green River.

At that time, his identity was not known so the name was given to him. As a child, he was born as the second out of three sons to his parents. He is the native of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. During his childhood, Gary was tested with an IQ of 82. While he was 16, he once stabbed a six years old boy who survived the attack. According to the victim as well as Gary himself, he walked away laughing by saying he always wondered what it would be to kill somebody.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Ridgway has already married. He has married for the three times as well as divorced too. His first wife was Claudia Kraig Barrows with whom he got married on 15th August of the year 1970. They remained together just for a couple of years and got divorced on 14th January of 1972. After that, his second marriage was with Marcia Lorene Winslow.

They tied their knot on 14th December of 1973. Marcia had claimed that Gary has placed her in the chokehold. He also has one child from his second marriage. Later, on 27th May of 1981, they got divorced with each other. After that, he got married for third time with his then spouse Judith Lorraine Lynch on 12th June of 1988. They have not been separated since 5th September of 2002.

According to the women in his life, he had an insatiable sexual appetite. In addition to his three ex-wives, he also had several of the girlfriends who had reported that Gary demanded sex from them for several times a day. Not only that, but he also wanted his wives and his girlfriends to have sex in the public and in the appropriate places. It has been speculated that Gary was torn down between the uncontrollable lusts as well as his staunch religious beliefs.

While he was leaving Kenworth truck factory on 30th November of 2001, he was arrested for murders of the four women whose cases were directly linked to him through the DNA evidence. He was then spared a death penalty for his crime and he received a sentence of the life imprisonment without penalty. According to him in an interview, Gary is believed to have murdered at least 71 women.



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