Frank Eudy is one of the contestants of the 18th season of the TV series known as Big Brother. His father is Sid Eudy who is a professional wrestler. Before joining the Big Brother, Eudy did not have any job. But now, he is a medical sales representative by his profession and now, he is earning good amount of salary. Previous to making his appearance in the 18th season of Big Brother, he also participated in the 14th season of the show.

Frank Eudy has been considered as one of the strongest participants of the reality show Big Brother which is being hosted by the American TV personality, Julie Chen. The season 18th premiered on 22nd June of 2016 on CBS-TV. The three adjectives that describe him are personable, funny, and loud. The motto of his life is "if you don’t like what is being said, change that conversation." His strategy to win the game is getting a group of guys that are the big targets together and forming a BROalition.

Now, let us know some more details related to the personal bio of Eudy that has been extracted from multiple sources. Eudy is the native of Marion, Arkansas, United States. He was born on 24th April of the year 1984 which has now made him reach the age of 32. Although he is known by the name Frank Eudy, his real name is Franklin Eudy. He is known as one of the best physical competitors in the history of Big brother.

Frank Eudy belongs to American nationality. As he was born in the month o June, his zodiac sign is Taurus. At present, he is residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. His favorite activities are watching movies, going to dinner, exercising, binge-watching, and being active in general. At the age of 32, Eudy has been able to attract his viewers by his charming personality and dedication towards the work. There is no detail found about his height.


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