Frances Ann ‘Fran’ Levowitz better known as Fran Lebowitz is an American columnist, public speaker and author of ‘The Fran Lebowitz Reader’. Her first essay book was ‘Metropolitan Life’ which was released in 1978. Her couple of books is still unfinished and is expected to be published soon.


Fran Lebowitz was born on October 27, 1950, in Morristown, New Jersey, US, to Harold Lebowitz and Ruth Lebowitz. She had amazing and fond memories growing up in Morristown. At the tender age of 7, she became an atheist. Lebowitz was reportedly expelled from high school for surliness that’s what she says. She later obtained a General Education Development (GED).  She has also written a number of quotes, one of the most loveable is ‘Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine’.

Lebowitz is an openly gay but the information about her partner is mentioned nowhere. She might be the only living soul on the earth who can live away with the computer and cell phone and still managed to stay tuned in with the latest news and happenings. She goes on to read the New York Times only on the weekend. She adores British singer Adele and loves to attend her concert.

Career and Professional Life

After the expulsion from high school, Lebowitz moved to the city where she worked on various jobs until Andy Warhol appointed her to write a column for his magazine ‘Interview’.  Her early interest was more of a comedy genre, she released her first comedic essay book ‘Metropolitan Life’ in 1978. This was followed by her second ‘Social Studies’ in 1981. Her both essay book was hoarded in the book ‘The Fran Lebowitz Reader’ in 1994.

A part of her work includes numerous appearances of her on NBC’s talk show ‘Late Night with David Letterman’. In 2001, she appeared on a television screen in a recurring role of Judge Janice Goldberg on the drama series ‘Law & Order’. She pulled off her role with real simplicity and naturally till 2007. She is also recognized as an advocate of smoker’s rights after all she is a hefty smoker herself. After a 16-years long period of time, she amazed the fans with her comeback on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman on November 17, 2010. In the show, she teasingly mentioned the time period as a writer’s blockade.

A long gap of 11 years of a period in her writing was really heartbreaking for her fans. But a relief to the pain then came when she released her book ‘Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas’ in 1994. In 2010, HBO released a documentary film ‘Public Speaking’ directed by Martin Scorsese which included all her clips and interviews from speaking engagement. Her upcoming ‘Progress’ is still to be released but it was a snippet in 2004 in Vanity Fair. Lebowitz’s fans are curiously and patiently wait for her completion of writing ‘Exterior Signs of Wealth’, which is yet to be released.

Her unique dressing style has been liked by most of the people. In September 2007, she earned herself most stylish women in Vanity Fair’s 68th Annual International Best Dressed list.


Net Worth and Salary

According to celebrity net worth, Fran Lebowitz has earned a net worth of $4 million from her successful writing career. Her appearances on TV shows have also contributed to her net worth. As per the reports of Variety, Lebowitz has bought a $3.1 million condo house in New York City. The apartment is on 2268 square foot and has 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. In 2011, she owned a vintage pearl gray 1979 Checker Marathon.




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