Fiona Philips is popularly known as an English journalist, television presenter and a broadcaster widely known for her presenting skills in the program named GMTV getting broadcasted at ITV Breakfast. She was born in the year 1961, 1st January and is currently 54 years of age. Her bio includes following details.

She took birth in the Canterbury Hospital situated in the city of Kent. Her father’s name was Philip and her mother’s name was Amy. Grandparents of her ran a Duke Head pub church in the Street of St. Paul’s. She attended Kingsmead Primary School and her family later moved out to Southampton where she completed her schooling at Millbrook Community School.

After she finished her schooling, she worked at a bakery in Mr. Kipling’ Bakery located at Eastleigh which is near Southampton. She completed her graduation from the Birmingham Polytechnic along with a BA in English and she also undertook PGCert in the field of journalism.

She started her career as a reporter independently in radio local stations like County Sound, radio Mercury, Hereward Radio etc.

She moved from the radio to television presentation where she joined BBC South East’s Weekend program as a co-presenter before she became a reporter for CNN and after that, moving on out to become the station’s entertainment editor, reporting, producing and presenting the CNN News entertainment output.

She also had a chance to voice the sound of Katie Current in the Shark Tale.

She hosted a show every Sunday in the 2-5 pm slot which began from Easter Sunday, 23rd March in the year 2008 till the year 2009 in the radio station named Smooth Radio. It was the year when she left the station.

She even filled the space for Simon Mayo from 30th March up to 3rd April in the year 2009. She was nominated for the Royal Television Society for the Category of Interview of the Year award in the year 1996. She also received her Master in Arts from the Southampton University and later in the year 2011, 21st July, she received an Honorary Fellowship from the Cardiff University.

When she was working as reporter for the GMTV in a Los-Angeles based entertainment show she had thought that her replacement at the time of Christmas holidays Martin Frizell as an arrogant and cold person but when he came out to LA, they both had a dinner together. The started meeting each other afterwards during different occasions and when she once returned to UK after four moths, they started dating each other and they finally went for marriage in the year 1997 in the month of May and the husband and wife is blessed with two sons.

She is known to be a vegetarian and she was one of the nominees for PETA Europe’s “Sexiest Vegetarians” poll and then won an award for the “Sexiest Female Vegetarian 2007”. She is supporter of the English football club Chelsea though she used to follow her home town club Southampton when she was young and then rising up to support one of the successful English teams. More of her updates can be obatined from her twitter and instagram accounts.



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