Euron Greyjoy is the recurring character in the 6th season, who was previously alluded to in the 1st season. He is one of the members of the House Greyjoy and is the eldest of the Lord Balon Greyjoy’s younger brothers. Greyjoy is the captain of Silence which is a ship crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues Euron ripped out.

The role Euron is played by Pilou Asbaek and debuts in Home. Greyjoy and his two brothers named Balon and Victation convinced their dad Lord QUellon Greyjoy for joining Robert’s Rebellion and they raided the Reach late in the war.

After Quellon was killed in battle at Mander, however, a new Lord Balon returned to Iron Islands along with his younger brothers. At the outset of Greyjoy’s Rebellion, Euron concocted a plan to sail into the Lannisport and burn Lannister fleet at the anchor. The Iron Fleet commanded by the brother of Euron followed the plan and then successfully destroyed westerlands’ naval force.

After some time after the war, in 297 AC, Euron was then sent away from Iron Islands by Lord Balon Greyjoy as the punishment for seducing or raping the salt wife of Victarion and he was also warned to never return while Lord Balon was alive.

Talking about the appearance of Euron, he is pale and handsome with black hair and dark beard. He wears a patch over his left eye and he is nicknamed as Crow’s Eye. According to the nephew of Euron, the patch conceals a black eye shining with malice. Euron’s right eye is as blue as summer sky and it is regarded as his smiling eye.

In addition to that, his lips are pale blue due to his propensity for drinking shade of evening. The character Euron is the widely unpredictable man who is known for his delight in playing mind games as well as waging the psychological warfare on anyone who is around him. For that reason, he is hated by his brothers. Euron is also a skilled warrior and the manipulator as well as is cunning, shrewd, and ruthless.

The character Euron Greyjoy is portrayed by a Danish actor Pilou Asbaek who is mostly known for his roles as the troubled spin doctor Kasper Juul in Danish TV political drama known as Borgen. He is the native of Copenhagen, Denmark.

He came into this world on 2nd March of the year 1982 which has now made him reach the age of 34. Although he is known by the name Pilou Asbaek, as a child, he was named as Johan Philip Asbaek. He is the son of Jacob A. Asbaek and Maria Patricia. Both of his parents are gallery owners who run Galerie Asbaek in Copenhagen.

A talented actor Pilou stands at the height of . He is married to his wife Anna Bro with whom he has been dating since 2008. The pair also has one child, a daughter named Agnes who was born on 31st December of 2012. His godfather was late artist Kurt Trampedach. There is no news found for his height.

Besides that, to get more details regarding his bio, quotes, interview and casting of the character, he can get connected on Instagram and Twitter.



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