Ethan DeLorenzo, an artist, photographer as well as a musician, is widely known for being the boyfriend of Jena Malone. The couple has been in a relationship with each other for several years and they are now the proud parents of their first child together.

According to the website of his own, Ethan DeLorenzo is also involved in the projects which also include music, film, video as well as photography.

According to LinkedIn profile, he is also a music producer who is based in Los Angeles and working with the Decadent Wreckords. As a freelancer photographer, Ethan was interested mainly in the Art and Nature photography.

DeLorenzo’s girlfriend Jena Malone is an American actress as well as a musician who made her debut in a movie by making her appearance in Bastard Out of Carolina.

In addition to that, she has also appeared in the movies such as Contact, Ellen Foster, Stepmom, Saved!, Donnie Darko, Into the Wild, Pride & Prejudice, The Hunger Games film series, Sucker Punch, and The Ruins.

Malone is the native of Sparks, Nevada, United States. She came into this world on 21st November of the year 1984 which has now made her reach the age of 31. She has been active in the acting field since 1996.

She stands tall at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches that is 1.65 m. She is the daughter of Edward Berge and Deborah Malone. She started to take an interest in acting after she watched her mother involved in community theatre.

Previously, Ethan DeLorenzo has also worked at the Cutting Room Studies as recording engineer. At present, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Jena Malone with whom he has one child, a son together.

Besides, for more about his bio, he is also very much active in various social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He has multiple followers in his Twitter page.


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