Ethan Couch is an American teen guy who was sentenced to the 10 years probation after he killed four pedestrians as well as seriously injuring two others while he was driving drunk near Fort Worth, Texas. At that time, he was just at the age of 16. He is the native of United States.

 He came into this world on 11th April of the year 1997 which has now made him reach at the age of 18. His father owns a Cleburne Sheet Metal in the Fort Worth that has approximately 30 employees as well as a yearly turnover estimated at $15 million. His parents got divorced in 2007.

In December of the same year, Ethan was sentenced to the therapy at a long term in-patient facility by Judge Jean Hudson Boyd after his attorneys successfully argued that he had suffered from the affluenza and needed rehabilitation instead of the prison. Ethan’s sentence set off what the New York Time called as an emotional, angry debate which has stretched far beyond North Texas suburbs.

 The same year on 15th June, according to the authorities and the trial testimony, Ethan was witnessed on the surveillance video stealing the two cases of beer from the Walmart store driving with seven passengers in the Ford F-350 pickup truck of his father.

Both of his parents were also charged with the legal troubles. His father was arrested for the impersonating a police officer in the year 2014 whereas his mother was charged with the reckless driving in 2013. In February of 2013, Ethan was cited for the minor in consumption of alcohol as well as minor in possession of alcohol.

He pleaded no contest and he was sentenced to the probation which is a compulsory alcohol awareness class and the 12 hours of community service. Besides that, to know more about him and his family background, he can get connected in Instagram and Twitter.


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