Erik Solheim is a Norwegian politician who was born in the year 1955 in the month of January which makes his age 60 years at present. He is from the Socialist Left Party and he was appointed as the Minister of International Development in the year 2005; Minister of the Environment in the year 2007. He even sat in both the offices until the year 2012.

He was the leader of the party named Socialist youth for four whole years starting from the year 1977. He also became the Member of Parliament from 1989 till the year 2001. More of his bio and other stats include the following details. He worked as a diplomat for the Norwegian delegation which attempted to solve the Sri Lankan Civil War before Eelam War IV broke loose until he was assigned as a minister.

In the year 2012, in the month of November, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the fact that He was the New Chair of the ORCD DAC.

Regarding his past, he went to Oslo Cathedral School and completed his high School Education there. He completed his graduation from the same university in the year 1980 in the field of History, Sociology, and Political Science. He spent over 11 years in the Parliament and after that, he worked for about five years in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before he actually was appointed as the Minister.

He was the leader of the Socialist youth party which gave him popularity in the Norwegian politics. In the election held in the year 1989, he got elected as the parliament member. He also was controversial within his own party as he was considered as too right-wing. In the year 1997, he stepped down and he was succeeded by Kristin Halvorsen. In the 1990s, he became one of the most prominent figures in the politics of Norway.

Later years were not on his side, he has been getting criticisms from older leaders for moderating his opinions regarding the European Union and also becoming the member of NATO.

In the year 2011 in the month of May, the Aftenposten stated that the Norwegian Embassy personnel in Colombo had aided the LTTE personnel out of Sri Lanka secretly but he defended this fact and also stated that there has been a tradition of helping people at risk in Norway.

He has been married to a girl named Gry Ulverud for some time now. The husband and wife have been blessed with four children. Though the exact figure of his net worth is unavailable, he has an estimated net worth range of 6-8 million dollars and according to the resources, his net worth has increased by a significant amount in recent years along with his salary.

He also seems to be an active social network user; he owns a twitter account and he has over 25 thousand followers and well-wishers in that account. He remembers to update this on a regular basis because it one of the reliable sources of his personal information in the cloud. He posts photos and tweets regarding his recent visits to other countries and many other activities.



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