Emily Estefan

Emily Estefan, a drummer, singer, as well as a songwriter, has not yet revealed whether she has any boyfriend or is dating anyone. As she has maintained her profile low, there is also no news found about the history of her love affairs.

At the age of 21, she stands at the height of five feet and some inches that suits her personality and good looks. Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Sassoon’s bio which has been accessed from various sources.

Emily is of Cuban-American descent. She came into this world in 1994 which has now made her reach the age of 21. Her father is Emilio Estefan whereas her mother is Gloria Estefan. Although her mother was told that she would never have another child after surviving 1990 tour bus crash, Emily was born.

Her maternal grandmother Gloria Fajardo was Cuban nightclub performer who had fled Cuban Revolution to Dade County. Emily is the native of Miami Beach, Florida.

According to the interview for The Today Show with Natalie Morales, as of 27th April 2015, she was the sophomore in college. As of December 2015, she was attending the college in Boston, Massachusetts.

Emily Estefan’s public singing debut came in 2014 performance of “Where The Boys Are” at Hollywood Bowl. She had performed in front of 100000 person audience at Miami Beach 100 Centennial Concert on 26th March 2015.

Additionally, she has also performed on the national TV for the Today Show along with her mother on 27th April 2015. At the time of Emily’s debut single release on 2nd December 2015, she was already regarded as accomplished drummer as well as a singer by the Entertainment Tonight.

Estefan also has a songwriting credit for the song titled as If I Never Got to Tell You from On Your Feet. She had loved music since her childhood. Besides, she is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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