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A talented American actor Elliott Gould started acting in the Hollywoods movies during 1960 and since then he has remained profilic. He has also received the nomination for Academy Award for the best Supporting Actor for his performance in classic comedy known as Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. He is mostly known for the significant roles in the Robert Altman films such as California Split, M*A*S*H and The Long Goodbye. In most recent years, Elliott has starred in recurring role of Jack Geller on the Friends and as the role of Reuben Tishoff in the Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen.

Elliott started acting in Broadway theatre in late 1950s eventually landing starring role in I Can Get It for You Wholesale in the year 1962. His other credits include Say, Darling, The Cat!, Irma La Douce, Little Murders, and Drat!. He then soon became one of the Most Prominent American film actors of early 1970s. He was placed one of the the covers by Time Magazine in 1970 when he was at brief height of the long career calling him the star for an uptight age. AT present, Gould is serving on the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors. Besides that, his movies as well as TV credits include Getting Straight, The Touch, Whiffs, Capricorn One, The Muppet Movie, Nashville, Who?, Matilda, Falling in Love Again, Inside Out, The Naked Face, Mentors, L.A. Law, Frog, Friends, The Shining and many more.

Gould is a very tall guy with the towering and attractive height of six feet and three inches. He is the native of Brooklyn, New York, United States and he belongs to an American nationality. Gould came into this world on 29th August of the year 1938 which has now made him at the age of 77. He is the son of Bernard Goldstein and wife Lucille. His father used to work in garment business as textiles buyer whereas his mother used to sell the artificial flowers to the beauty shops. Although he is known by the name Elliott Gould, as a child, he was named as Elliott Goldstein. His family was a Jewish and his grand-parents were the immigrants from the Ukraine, Poland and Russia. He went to get his education from the Professional Children’s School and got graduated from there.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Gould has married for the three times, twice to the same woman. At first, he was married to his first wife Barbra Streisand. They got married on 21st March of the year 1963 remained together till they got divorced on 9th July of 1971. Elliott also has one child together with Barbra who is named as Jason Gould and he is also an actor. After that, he married to his second wife Jennifer Bogart on 8th December of 1973. After a couple of year, the pair got separated and again after few years, they got re-married on 9th June of 1978. But they could not make it again and then got divorced after a year. Elliott and Jennifer have two children together. Besides that, more details about him can also be accessed from his Twitter and Instagram account. 

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