Who does not like to know about the celebrities whom we see daily on screen or in the magazines? Maybe we all have just known them through the gossip sites or we may have been a dedicated fan of them for a long time. They are very big part of our daily lives and they play very important role in our lives to fill entertainment. One among them is Eliza Cossio who is a correspondent.

Now let us know some more interesting facts about her personal life biography that has been accessed from various sources. Cossio is the native of California, United States. She got enrolled at the Second City Hollywood. She has also joined UCB New York for her further studies as well as she went to The Annoyance New York. Additionally, she also went to study at the University of California, Berkeley and from there, she received herself as Bachelor of Arts in History.

Cossio has been active in this field for several years or so and it is sure that she must have won multiple fans and followers in her career. Even then, it is very important for each celebrity to create their virtual image as well as goodwill these days by getting interacted with their fans on various social media. She has got more than thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram account. Her Instagram page can show you that how much she loves dogs. Some of her favorite movies include Annie Hall, Big Fish, and Roman Holiday.

Eliza performs monthly with the Daily Show writers and also regularly performs with the Blind Tiger Tea, known as Bitchcraft. At present, Cossio is a digital contributor on the Daily Show. It has been reported by the Split Sider that she started off as an intern. Cossio is witty, smart as well as she is giving viewers' real Latina experience. Besides that, there is no detail found about her boyfriend.


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