Edward Archer is a man who has been accused of shooting a Philadelphia cop. He has reportedly told to the officers that he did so in the name of Islam and he late pledged his allegiance to the ISIS. The suspect Edward has now reached at the age of 30 and he is accused of shooting the Philly cop named Jesse Hartnett who is 33 years old. He shot the cop for multiple times in the West Philadelphia on the night of 7th January 2016.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that Edward is accused of firing the 13 bullets into Jesse’s cruiser. Jesse is the five years veteran who survived but faces a long recovery after the shooting. The authorities have not commented on the possible motive for shooting with FBI now assisting the investigation. The Fox Philadelphia has reported that the police believe that the gun which was used to attack was a stolen police weapon which was taken away from home of the officer in 2013 robber.

Prior to that, the CBS Philadelphia has reported that Edward has been arrested as he tried to flee the scene. Jesse however managed to return the fire and Edward was hit for three times. The victim has suffered from the extensive damage in his left arm. Harnett is an officer in 18th district and he has been on force for five years. According to his LinkedIn profile, he got graduated from Delaware County Community College from where he studied security and he has also served in US Coast Guard and is now working for Exelon Nuclear.

In the candid interview with Philadelphia Inquirer’s Mari Schaefer, the mother of Edward said that he has been hearing the voices in his head. In the press conference on 8th January, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross had told to the media that the suspect told the officers that police bend laws which are contrary to teachings of the Quran. Besides that, for more about his bio, Edward can also get connected via Instagram and Twitter.


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