Edmonia Lewis was an American sculptor who had worked in Rome, Italy for most of her career. She was the 1st woman of African-American and Native American heritage who achieved an international fame as well as recognition as a sculptor in the fine arts world. Lewis’ work is known for incorporating themes relating to the black people and indigenous peoples of Americas into the Neoclassical-style sculpture. Talking about his personal life biography, Lewis never got married nor she had any child.

Edmonia started to gain prominence during American Civil War. At the end of 19th century, she was the only remaining black woman who had participated in and also been recognized to any degree by an American Artistic mainstream. In the year 2002, Lewis was listed on the list of “100 Greatest African Americans” by the scholar Molefi Kete Asante.  

Now, let us gain few more information related to the bio of Louis-Dreyfus which has been extracted from various sources. She was the native of Greenbush, New York, United States of America. She came into this world on 4th July of the year 1984 and then, she died on 17th September of 1907 in London, England, United Kingdom. At that time, she was at the age of 63. According to the death certificate of her, the cause of her death was the chronic Bright’s disease. According to the parish records, she is buried in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery which is located in London.

Edmonia Lewis’ mother was of Mississauga Ojibwe and African-American descent whereas er father was an Afro-Haitian descent. Both of her parents died by the time she reached the age of 9. He then started to live with her aunts near Niagara Falls. He went to study at the New York Central College, McGrawville which is a Baptist abolitionist school. In 1859, when she was about 15 years old, she was sent to Oberlin College.

After college, in early 1864, she moved to Boston where she started to pursue her career as a sculptor. Three male refused to instruct her before she was introduced to a moderately successful sculptor Edward A. Brackett who had specialized in marble portrait busts.Under the tutelage of him, Lewis crafted her own sculpting tools and then sold her first piece for $ 8 which was a sculpture of a hand of a woman.

She was inspired by the lives of abolitionists and the Civil War heroes. In 1863 and 1864, her subjects included some of the Most Famous abolitionists of her day such as Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and John Brown. Edmonia spent most of her adult career in Rome. She was unique in a way she approached sculpting abroad. Her works were sold for large sums of money. During her rise to fame, she had major exhibitions including one in the Chicago, Illinois in 1870 and in the Rome in 1871. 



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