Only some lucky ones like Ed Schultz have a life soaked in versatility. Versatility, in the sense that he has multiple occupations: author, political commentator, TV and radio host. Add a sports broadcasting career in the past, and he's got more feathers on his cap than anyone can count. Let's have a look at the short bio of this celebrity of age 62, compiled below.

Schultz's full name is Edward Andrew Schultz, and he was born in Norfolk, Virginia on 27th January 1954. His father George was an aeronautical engineer while his mother Mary was an English teacher. He was educated at Larchmont Elementary School, then stepping onto Blair Junior High, and finally graduating from Maury High School (at Norfolk) in 1972.

After completing his education, he shifted to Minnesota upon receiving a football scholarship from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He was part of the All-American as well as NAIA passing leader in 1977. He also was Oakland Raiders' free agent, and actually had tried for a Canadian Football League named Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 1979. He currently resides in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and is American by nationality.

He has been active in the aforementioned professions since 1980. He has been given the prestigious Eric Sevareid Awards three times and has also received two NAB Marconi Radio Awards and one Peabody Award. As an author, he has contributed 2 books so far: Straight Talk from the Heartland: Tough Talk, Common Sense, and Hope from a Former Conservative (2004), Killer Politics: How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class (2010).

Right now, he hosts a primetime show daily on RT America TV channel (a part of the RT network funded by the Russian government and based in Moscow). Since 2015, he has hosted Ed Schultz News and Commentary (a national podcast), and a night TV show titled News with Ed Schultz since 2016. He also hosted The Ed Show on MSNBC, and The Ed Schultz Show on Dial Global. He has over 200 thousand followers on twitter, but his Instagram page doesn't seem to exist. His net worth is estimated at $11.5 million.

Schultz's political views changed with the times in the late 90's. It had something to do with the fact that his mother was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, and in a different scenario altogether he met Wendy, a psychiatric nurse running a shelter for the homeless in Fargo, North Dakota. Perhaps due to the fact that his mother didn't receive proper medical attention, he is greatly touched by the care provided by Wendy, the nurse, to the homeless people. His views on poverty also changed during this period.

In his book, he has confessed that despite having insulted the homeless people in his shows, it was only through his contact of Wendy did he realize that there were war veterans too within the circle of homeless who couldn't acquire proper medical care. He joined the Democratic Party in 2000, and that was his formal diversion from being a conservative to being a liberal, in politics. He supports gun control measures (although he and his sons own guns themselves), and is religiously against abortion but respects the people's rights as well.

He was married to Maureen Zimmerman until their divorce in 1993. His wife now is Wendy Schultz, whom he married in 1998. He has six children as of now.



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