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Drew Houston is a American Internet Entrepreneur and genius who is also at the best known for being the founder and CEO of Drop box which is an online backup and storage Service, Houston (bio) has a huge net worth of $ 1.2 billion dollars starting and making money at a very young age. Houston is born in 1983 4th march and at present he just turned 32 years old (age) and is a great looking and a charming guy. Houston is originally from Acton, Massachusetts and went to Acton Boxborough Regional High School in the 1990s and later on he graduated with a degree in computer science from Massachusetts institute of technology.

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Houston owns 1.2 billion according to the Forbes magazine, Houston started his early start working in drop box and build up his career in this field. Houston is all over wiki and has tons of followers in twitters and facebook or say the social media, he is a great guy and also shares his daily life through social media. Houston is also famous and has a georgious girlfriend CeCe Cheng and are found together in holidays and at dinner spots. Houston is mostly busy in his work and also manages his time for relaxation and holidays visit to exotic places and destination.

Houston also shares his contact address in the social media to the fans and followers in order to understand the user how they feel about the site which is drop box and is there any thing that can make the site better and much more of easy one, Houston tries to be as simple as he can and also make the work as simple as it can be. Houston has hired many people and talented person in the computer field in order to develop the site in a great way so it could be easy for the people and the user.

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