Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley whose net worth around $20 million dollar is the owner of the famous DCL Cashmere Company who has now started to give her appearance in 'The Real Housewives of New York'. She was seen on the set of the RHONY in current season.  Arriving in New York city at a very early age she started her career being an employee of Liz Claiborne. Now she owns her own cashmere company which has gained worldwide recognization. 

  • Date of Birth:

    13 December 1964

Born in Massachusetts Dorinda Medley relocated New York City to build her dream career

Dorinda Medley is the native of Berkshires. After completing her graduation from her hometown, she kick-started her new life in New York City. She relocated to New York City and made it to the showrooms at Liz Claiborne and got engaged as an employee. Dorinda Medley then met her first husband Ralph Lynch. Ralph was a Scotsman and they together have a daughter named Hannah.  

After Dorinda Medley first marriage, she then started Cashmere Company named DCL Cashmere with husband Ralph. The company was first located in London. As her company made a quick establishment she gained many connections with high profile clients in London such as Princess Diana and Joan Collins.This couple was having a good go however almost after 10 years of their marriage they got divorced. Later they sold the company and then Dorinda moved to the New York City with her daughter, Hannah. 

Dorinda Medley later married real estate agent who died in 2011

Soon after she moved to New York she met Dr. Richard Medley in the year 2005 who was working as a real estate broker in Washington. Dr. Richard Medley was the former chief economist for the US House Banking Committee. He was also a respected speechwriter to the congresswoman and vice-president candidate Geraldine Ferraro. We could see Dorinda and Richard working together on various fundraising for causes with the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Madeline Albright and Hilary Clinton. They remained together until Medley’s death in 2011. This love pair does not have any children so Dorinda stays daughter Hannah, a daughter from her first husband. Currently, she is said to be with John Mahdessian the owner of Madame Paulette, the worldwide leading establishment in cleaning and restoration of couture garments in Upper East

Dorinda Medley in 'The Real Housewives of New York City'

Dorinda Medley can be seen on 'The Real Housewives of New York City'. She started appearing in this insanely popular reality show in the second season however gained huge popularity than other casts. The show centers around documenting the lives of several affluent housewives living in New York and judging from Medley’s socialite and glamorous lifestyle, she seems to embody what the show depicts as a ‘real housewife of New York’.

Although Dorinda Medley has embraced the age of 50, she is still very active and is always putting her energy and focus into her family, friends and philanthropic works. She enjoys vacationing in exotic places and splurging in both high end and high street fashion. According to Dorinda Medley bio, her net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Dorinda Medley is also active on various social media platforms such as TwitterFacebook and Instagram. A true social butterfly online and offline, she engages with her followers by updating them with recent events such as the Golden Globes by live tweeting events. 

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