Don Williams is a well known American country songwriter and a singer who was born in the year 1939, 27th May; he is 77 years at present. He took birth in the city of Floydada situated at Texas. He was brought up in Portland and he completed his graduation from Gregory-Portland High School. He began his solo career in the year 1971 and started singing popular ballads after spending seven years along with the pop group named Pozo-Seco Singers. His bio includes the following details.

His quality of smooth bass-baritone voice contributed a lot in nicknaming him as “Gentle Giant” of the country music.

When he was three years of age, she had a chance to sing at a local talent contest and the very song he sang in the contest won him the first prize which was an alarm clock. He started playing guitar when he was a teenager and was taught by his mother and he also played with other folk bands. He formed his own band along with Lofton Kline and named it “The Strangers Two” and later in the year 1964, the band was approached by Susan Taylor to form a band which was named as Pozo-Seco Singers. The band recorded a song titled “time” which became a regional hit. So, Columbia Records signed the band and released numerous hits. The band got split in the year 1971 after they finished their last album for the Certon Records in the year 1970.

After the band got disbanded, he left the music industry and got a job where he used to work for his father in law but shortly, he resumed his career in music. IN the year 1971, he signed for the post of lyrics writing person for the Jack Music Inc. and a year later he signed a contract with JMI records as a solo artist. Three years after the contract, he released a song “We Would Be Together” which reached number five which led him to sign another contract with ABC/Dot Records. His first single album “I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me” from the ABC became the number one hit. He sang a lot of songs in his career along with wife songs.

In the year 2012, he announced that he would be releasing a new album named And So It Goes which is noted to be the first release since the year 2004. This album includes some guest appearances from Vince Gill, Keith Urban as well.

In the year 2016, in the month of Mach it was brought in light that he had announced that he was retiring from the tour and he had astonishingly cancelled all of his shows and the reason for this was that he wanted to enjoy some quiet time at his home and he also says that he is thankful to all of his fans, friend sand family for their support and love. More of his info can be found at twitter and Instagram as well. 

He was married to Joy Butcher in the year 1960, 10th April. The husband  and wife have two sons whose names are Gary and Timmy. 



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