Don Imus who is an American radio host, writer, humorist, philanthropist, as well as landscape photographer was born on 23rd June of the year 1940. His nationally syndicated talk show called Imus in the Morning is broadcast throughout United States by the Cumulus Media Network as well as simulcast on the TV by Fox Business Network. He is the son of Frances E. and John Donald Imus Sr. From 1957 till 1960, he served as a bugler in Marine Corps. During his early career, he battled with the alcoholism but later in 1987, he finally pursued an effective treatment.

Don was a brakeman on Southern Pacific Railroad. After winning a talent contest at the nightclub of Johnny Otis, he started to work as a singer and song writer. On 28th June of 1968, he started his career as radio disc jockey at the radio station KUTY located in Palmdale California. He worked there until 1969. He then worked at KJOY. He had worked for many stations such as KXOA, WGAR, WNBC.

To talk about his personal life bio, he has married twice as well as divorced once. At first he got married with his first wife Harriet Showalter. They got married on 25th June of the year 1969. They remained together for ten years till 1979. He also has four children together with her. After that, he got remarried with his second wife Dierdre Coleman Imus on 17th December of 1994. Since then, they are living a blissful life. The couple also has one child together. He also has two step-daughters whom he adopted from his first marriage.

Apart from that, Imus has already reached at the age of 74. About his health, he was diagnosed with the 2nd stage of Prostate cancer in March of 2009. More details about his email address and bio can also be found in different internet sites. Besides that, he is also active in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


  • American
  • 6 feet 2 inches
  • 1940-07-23
  • Radio Host
  • Yes
  • $35 Million Dollars
  • Frederick Wyatt Imus, Elizabeth Imus, Ashley Imus
  • White
  • Harriet Showalter(div), Deirdre Imus
  • Imus in the Morning, Imus at Night
  • /wiki/Don_Imus
  • Imus Ranch
  • No
  • Yes(once)

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